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Multicultural Relationships

In the past, society and family provided a reasonable, clear yet rigid set of standards and norms by which people could direct their lives. In the last 50 years, however, society began a movement toward greater acceptance of  diversity and individual choice.

As a result, we find a significant increase in the number of marriages that reflect the joining of different cultures, religions and races. Since our society has not fully embraced the change, many couples today face a difficult process of understanding each other’s  cultures and traditions, learning to deal with other’s prejudices, and raising children who reflect the integration of different traditions.

All to often, marital problems develop as two people strive toward a common understanding. In many ways, their needs are very similar to those of all couples, but they are accented by the gap that exists in commonly held assumptions and upbringing.

Diversity brings many alternatives to our lives, and also many choices. A trained counselor can provide a couple with methods of improving communication and reaching a better understanding of each other and their differences.