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Quest for the Dress

Ok, you've been browsing the bridal fashion magazines trying to get ideas for a wedding dress. Now, you're not sure what to do with all the choices and styles. Here are a few tips on how to narrow down the wedding dress selection.

1. Dress for your body shape. For example, if your body type is a pear shape, the widest part of your body is below the waist/around the hips. When selecting your bridal gown, you want to de-emphasize the area around your hips, and bring more emphasis to the top portion of your body. This will help balance your overall shape. When trying dresses on, bring a friend or family member to help you determine what looks best - but! not too many. Sometimes too many conflicting opinions will just confuse you more. 

2. Pick dress textures or fabrics that work for you. 

3. Be in the mood to try them on. Sometimes, if you're cranky or tired you might not be able to accurately judge what you like or dislike in a wedding dress. Pick a day to shop when you are feeling good and energetic - since that is more likely to be your mood on your wedding night anyway. 

4. Don't exclude comfort. At least not completely. Sometimes girls are willing to sacrifice all comfort of the dress, if it makes them look better. While "looking" good in your wedding dress is important and the main goal, it's also important to "feel" good in your wedding dress too. Remember it's sometimes hot outside, so being comfortable might prevent unnecessary perspiration or irritation. Being comfortable in your dress will actually help keep you looking your best.