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Your Wedding Day

After months of planning and preparation, your wedding day is finally here. The glory starts as soon as you put on your wedding dress. How you look and feel in your wedding dress sets the stage for the whole experience. You want to feel beautiful, elegant and fabulous.  Here are a few tips to looking and feeling your best in your wedding dress. 1. Get plenty of rest the night before. Beauty sleep can not be under estimated. 2. Give your nails an extra special spa manicure. Pretty hands and manicured fingernails are part of your whole ensemble. 3. Use a mildly-abrasive sponge with body wash to exfoliate your skin while showering. This will really give your skin an extra glow. 4. Don't stress! Make beauty appointments extra early so you have plenty of time to relax. Being calm, happy and having fun actually makes you more attractive. 5. Break in your shoes a few weeks before. You'll be so much more comfortable throughout your wedding day. 6. When putting on your bridal gown, have someone help you. just to be sure you don't ruin your hair, make-up, or delicate areas of the dress. 7. Finally, after you're all made up and ready to go, wear that dress like you're a celebrity. Have an awesome wedding day.