So You’re Getting Married…Congratulations!

May your lives be filled with happiness, peace and “success” as you individually define it.

An important aspect of your wedding ceremony is the person you choose to officiate...someone who will conduct the service exactly the way you want it to be whether it’s a ceremony that is conventional, traditional or non-traditional, spiritual...but not “religious,” or strictly secular.  

Dr. Richard P. (Dick) Caldwell is a non-denominational, non-judgmental, ordained minister who loves to share the joy and happiness of two people who want to commit their lives to each other. He will confer with you to determine what you want, how much of the marriage ceremony you want to participate in, if you’ll write your own vows, if you have a special poem, quote or song you want to incorporate into the service and offer suggestions to make both of you completely   comfortable with a ceremony to fit your needs and personality.

Ask about Dr. Caldwell’s extensive library of wedding music and small PA system, available at no extra charge.

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Contact Dr. Caldwell at 361-579-7137.  To send a text use 361-484-3491. To send an email, click on the link below.  To send a text:  361-484-3491. Dr. Caldwell is happy to officiate weddings almost anywhere in South Texas, including Victoria, Port Lavaca, Cuero, Edna, Refugio, Raisen, Shiner, Inez, Port O'Conner, Seadrift, Tivoli, Palacios, Port Aransas, Rockport, Corpus Christi, Hallettsville, New Braunfels and surrounding areas.

Contact him today to get started, phone 361-579-7137 for your starting point ceremony.

Here is a quote from a recent wedding:  

“My husband and I were so pleased with our ceremony. You were professional and well spoken, we felt very comfortable with you. We couldn’t have hoped for any better.  The Courtyard at Gaslight Square was the perfect setting for our wonderful and memorable wedding and the night went off without a hitch. I would highly recommend you as an officiant to anyone!”  Thanks, Marina & Aaron Martinez


Lighten Up – Let Go--Let God

Perhaps you consider yourself as being a very organized, perfection driven person who seems to be always striving for the best and the highest within yourself and within your life. Yet, from time to time, you know you could lighten up - because you are taking too much responsibility for yourself and your life. Whenever you feel this inner reality of spiritual stress, you can always turn quickly within to the presence of God (or Universal Spirit), in meditation, so that you can let go and be guided by the wisdom of God within your heart and mind.

The major Spiritual Principle that is involved with the issue of letting go, letting God take over your life, lightening up on yourself - is the “Principle of DIVINE TRUST.” If you can trust the God that created this universe to have the sun rise every morning and to have the sun set every evening then you can absolutely trust this Divine Wisdom to guide you in the successful living of your life.

Christ Jesus said, “I can of my own self do nothing.”  We often take too much responsibility for the harmonious running of our lives. Yes, we do need to do what needs to be done, and yes, we do need to be responsible and accountable for this life that we are living - but it is the DIVINE PRESENCE of God that brings real fulfillment and success into our lives.  |  email us
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