About Marital Counseling

Some lucky people take their marriage vows and live happily ever after, like in the fairy tales. Most marriages, though, have their ups and downs, and many couples have discovered that professional coaching or counseling can help them through troubled times.

A marriage coach or counselor doesn’t tell a couple what to do with their lives. Rather, the professional tries to help the partners communicate with each other more effectively.  Coaching and/or counseling presents an opportunity for two people to sort out and discover their needs and priorities and then offers support as they attempt to meet their goals.

Life Coaches and marriage counselors do not take sides, though they try to help each partner understand the other’s point of view. In crisis - or better yet, before then - a counselor can help the couple develop the skills or tools to cope with their differences and difficulties. The goal is a happier, healthier relationship that proves rewarding for each partner.

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